Dear Friends of Urban Worm,

Urban Worm is no longer in operation. Please check Cal Recycle for other red wiggler sellers in California.

Our website is still full of useful information about worm composting.

Thank you for being a friend and supporter of our little project and for helping us spread the good word of worm composting!

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“Your one stop shop for all of your worming needs”



Red Wigglers

Naturally raised at our Berkeley site on a delicious diet of decomposed horse manure, Pete’s Coffee grounds and Voila Juice pulp. We package and ship our worms in a mix of their bedding and food so they have a long shelf life and can travel safely across the country.



The best soil amendment money can buy! Buy enough for a potted plant or your whole garden, and watch as the nutrients give your plants a boost and the beneficial microbes protect their roots from foreign pests and pathogens.


Worm Bins

From D.I.Y. to classic to unorthodox to handmade, we’ve got a worm bin to suit both your composting and financial goals. Sleep easy knowing that we’ll be here along the way to provide helpful guides and tips to make sure your worm adventure with us is a success!



If you’re in the Bay Area, put our next FREE worm workshop on your calendar. Come and learn everything you’ll ever need to know about worm composting – why worms, how to set up a bin, what to feed, how to harvest castings, etc. Sign up today!

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We are the web’s only non-profit worm farm! All of our proceeds support our parent organization, Urban Adamah, to buy things like seeds and shovels. With help from people like you, we grew and donated over 16,000 lbs of organic produce on a previously unused lot, and led programs to teach over 1,000 school kids where food really comes from.


We know that when it comes to worm composting, you have a lot of options out there. We offer great products and the customer service to go with them. Thanks in advance for your support and please feel free to send any worm questions our way!
Happy Worming!