While we do not sell these books directly, we’ve read them and very much approve! If you click on the links below and order through Amazon we get a percentage back, so it’s still a great way to support Urban Worm!


Worms Eat My Garbage: How to Set Up and Maintain a Worm Composting System

Mary Appelhof (Author), Mary F. Fenton (Illustrator)

The classic worm composting book. This handy little guide goes through everything you need to know and you can easily finish it in under an hour! It includes helpful tips like about things like what to do with old chicken bones that go in your bin, etc.



Worm Composting – A Practical Guide by Young Urban Farmers

Loren Nancarrow (Author), Janet Hogan Taylor (Author)

The advanced version of Mary Appelhof’s book. This guide has more technical information than the average wormer might like to know, but if you like that kind of stuff, this book is for you!




The Worm Cafe, Mid-Scale Vermicomposting of Lunchroom Wastes

Binet Payne (Author)

One of our favorites! This book chronicles the author’s endeavor in getting her California middle school to compost all of its food waste with worms. In it she outlines her model, prices, and teaching strategies to get both the teachers and students of her school behind switching to worm composting. If you’re an educator or want to set up a large scale worm system in a school or office place, read this book!