Meet the Team

Greetings from the Urban Worm farm! We’re your worm farmers, Zach, Ash and Hayley.

Zach Stein

Founder and Retail Manager –

Zach has always had a passion for finding treasure in another people’s trash. In his boyhood he embarked upon many extended campaigns saving soda bottle caps to send away for the prize on the bottle and today he has started his own side business reselling media collections online. Thus it comes as no surprise that he has ended up investing the majority of his time cultivating something that literally turns trash into treasure – worms. Originally from the Bay Area, he received a BA in Psychology from Hamilton College in 2011 and moved back that fall to complete the Urban Adamah fellowship. After graduating from the program he stuck around to help build Urban Worm – a project that falls in line with his values of self reliance, home gardening, and letting no opportunity go to waste.

Hayley Currier
Founder and Program Manager –

Hayley is an avid gardener and food enthusiast. She has been interested in agriculture since 2008, when she spent a year traveling and studying in Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru. There she explored everything from family farms to export coffee plantations to eco-villages. She then returned home to the Bay Area, where she has been living and loving for four of the past six years, and exploration turned to passion as the food movement exploded around her. Since then she has worked in an agroecology lab studying biological pest control in vineyards, taught urban gardening and WWOOFed across the United States. Hayley loves hiking and camping, fighting for food justice, speaking Spanish, and brunch. Hayley received her BA in Development Studies from UC Berkeley in 2010, and was an Urban Adamah fellow and winter co-manager from September 2011 to February 2012. Along with her work at Urban Worm, she is also a garden consultant and edible landscaper, installing food and ornamental gardens in homes and schools. She aspires to live her life surrounded by goats, dogs, worms and cherry tomatoes.


Our collective story:

We love our worms. They make great pets. We like to take them on walks and cuddle with them on the couch while we watch sappy movies. We make sure to cover their eyes at the scary parts.

But it wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time, we, too, were poor lost worm-less souls. Then we met Jen of Mama’s Worm Composting fame, who decided it was time to pass her thriving pile o’ worms on to the next generation. Enter Urban Adamah and their motley crew of urban organic farmers. Your four trusty worm farmers were fellows in Urban Adamah’s fellowship program from September to December 2011. Urban Adamah is non-profit environmental education center and organic urban farm. After inheriting the worms and mounds of their gorgeous poop, we moved in together. (Well, the three farmers live together, not the worms. We weren’t sure they’d be able to pay rent on time.) This makes business meetings a snap to organize. Once strangers in a strange land, Ash, Zach and Hayley have joined forces to bring you the happiest, healthiest organic worms on the market today. We provide excellent customer service and prompt delivery of your worm orders. Experts at our trade and bursting with knowledge to share, we’re excited to help you start your very own worm compost bin. Give us a call, shoot us an e-mail or stop by the farm during our open hours so we can talk shop.

Thank you for supporting Urban Worm!