Our Red Wigglers!


The stars of the show! Our Red Wigglers are packaged by the pound and available for onsite pickup in Berkeley and domestic, continental shipping. We naturally raise them on a steady diet of decomposed horse manure, Peet’s Coffee grounds and Voila Juice juice pulp.



Vermicompost is the best fertilizer money can buy. Period. It is the byproduct of the worms’ digestive systems and unlike other soil amendments, vermicompost is alive and teeming with millions of microscopic microbes that will naturally protect your plants from foreign pathogens and disease.

Our Worm Bins


We offer three types of worm bins: the classic Worm Factory 360, the unorthodox and very effective Worm Inn, and our incredibly well built, designed and clearly best option of the three by far WormBench. We offer additional discounts if you buy a bin and worms together.

Books we like


Here are three of the best “how to” books on worm composting that we’ve come across. While we do not sell them directly, if you do click the links they’ll take you to our page. If you make a purchase with them in 24 hours, Amazon sends us back a percentage of that purchase.

Bedding Materials

Bedding Materials

We offer a variety of sizes and quantities of our favorite bedding material – Coconut Coir! Unlike shredded paper, this stuff can handle a lot of extra moisture from food and still manage to stay fluffy and aerated to keep your worms breathing and happy. And unlike peat moss, coco coir is a renewable resource!