Red Wigglers

Our worms are on vacation! We are not taking any worm orders at this time, online or on-site.

Please check back in the fall.

1lb bag of Urban Worm's red wigglers.

What Comes in the Bag:

Approximately 1,000 adult and juvenile red wigglers mixed with the bedding we grow them in – a blend of odor free decomposed horse manure and Voila Juice pulp.

Why Compost Your Food Waste:

Forty percent of our nation’s produced food ends up in a landfill where it rots anaerobically, becomes toxic, seeps into our water supplies and releases methane gas. If broken down with the right kind of aerobic bacteria that are found in compost bins and piles, this food will decompose with no environmental harm and turn back into an organic soil that can be used to grow our future crops.

Why Compost with Red Wigglers:

Unlike a traditional compost pile, vermiculture (fancy word for composting with worms) not only breaks down your old food waste and retrieves the nutrients for new plants, but the worms digestive process dramatically increase the bacterial life of the end product. Red Wigglers actually eat the micro-organisms that naturally break down food waste, and not the organic matter itself. In the worms’ gullets, these bacteria proliferate and their poop, or castings, comes out packed with these beneficial microbes. When applied to your soil, the diversity of micro-life will both help fend off foreign pathogens and get your soil the first step of the way towards self-regenerating nitrogen (plant food).


Why Buy From Urban Worm:

Urban Worm is the web’s only not for profit source of red wigglers, vermicompost, and worm bins. All of the proceeds from your purchase today will go towards funding the good work that happens every day at our 501(c)3 parent company – Urban Adamah.

In early 2010 we took an unused lot on a busy through-way in Berkeley, CA and turned it into a thriving farm and educational space. So far we’ve given away upwards of 16,000 lbs of organic produce to those in the community who could not otherwise afford it and thousands of school children have gotten their hands dirty in our soil as we teach them about sustainable living and where food actually comes from.

In buying today, not only will you be getting a top quality product, but the satisfaction that your money is being put to very good use.