April 2, 2012


Greetings from the Urban Worm farm! We’re your worm farmers, Ash, Zach, Rachael and Hayley.

Ash masquerades as a worm growing hero and all-star nanny by day, but shows her true colors as a massage mastermind by night. You’ll know her by her epic hugs and ability to wear plaid at any occasion, as well as her love of glasses.



Zach, our harvesting tzar and born-again businessman, is a worm lover and lady killer. You’ll know him anywhere by his ability to withstand the force of his four powerful female roommates and his excessive use of Dumb and Dumber quotes.



Rachael, known lovingly as Berg (or Bergy, Bergathon, or Bergalicious), is the website matriarch and the star of our worm workshops. Recognize her by her expert grasp of red wiggler reproduction and her stylish knit sweaters and chacos.




Hayley resembles a young female, but is actually 75% puppy. She likes treats and to look at you pathetically until you take her on a walk. Sometimes she pretends to help with the worms, but usually just ends up rolling around in the piles.



We love our worms. They make great pets. We like to take them on walks and cuddle with them on the couch while we watch sappy movies. We make sure to cover their eyes at the scary parts.

But it wasn’t always this way. Once upon a time, we, too, were poor lost worm-less souls. Then we met Jen of Mama’s Worm Composting fame, who decided it was time to pass her thriving pile o’ worms on to the next generation. Enter Urban Adamah and their motley crew of urban organic farmers. Your four trusty worm farmers were fellows in Urban Adamah’s fellowship program (www.urbanadamah.org) from September to December 2011. Urban Adamah is non-profit environmental education center and organic urban farm. After inheriting the worms and mounds of their gorgeous poop, we moved in together. (Well, the four farmers live together, not the worms. We weren’t sure they’d be able to pay rent on time.) This makes business meetings a snap to organize.Once strangers in a strange land, Ash, Rachael, Zach and Hayley have joined forces to bring you the happiest, healthiest organic worms on the market today. We provide excellent customer service and prompt delivery of your worm orders. Experts at our trade and bursting with knowledge to share, we’re excited to help you start your very own worm compost bin. Give us a call or stop by the farm at our open hours (Tuesdays 11-1) so we can talk shop.

Thank you for supporting Urban Worm!