Vermicompost (Worm Poop)

Urban Worm's vermicompost


15 lb bag – $15.00 – Shipping soon to be available

35 lb bag – $25.00 – Onsite pickup only

Cubic Yard – $250.00 – Pickup or delivery available

What Comes in the Bag:

A blend largely made with worm castings, with trace amounts of decomposed horse manure, Peet’s coffee grounds, and Voila Juice pulp.

Why use Vermicompost:

Vermicompost Hands + Worm

While other composts, fertilizers, and soil amendments are rich in things important plant foods like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus (NPK), they are often steamed or created at very high temperatures to kill off any microbial activity. This is good for the large-scale vendors because its gives the product a long shelf life. But it’s bad for you because these processes eliminate one of the key ingredients to any healthy organic soil its microscopic life.

Vermicompost (or castings) is the product of red wigglers eating the bacteria that decompose organic matter. In the worms’ gullets these bacteria multiply like crazy, which results in the worms’ poop being a rich plant food (NPK) and having an incredibly high microbial content.

Our vermicompost has not only the baseline amounts of bacteria found in all organic soils, but second tier life such as protists, nematodes, and amoebas. This increase in microbio diversity will give you two benefits that no other compost will:

    1. In the short term – add a wealth of microorganisms that will naturally protect your plants roots and leaves from foreign pathogens
    2. In the long term – Regular vermicompost application to your soil will act as a first crucial step towards rebuilding the microbial life of our depleted soils and getting your soil that much closer to the coveted self-regenerating nitrogen (plant food) cycle found in nature. For example, the soil micro-diversity of an old growth forest produces 3.5x more nitrogen than even the most nitrogen loving plant could ever use!


Also due to its high but not extreme nitrogen levels, vermicompost won’t burn your plants’ roots!

Suggested Use:Worm Team Vermicompost

Potted Plants – An inch thick layer on top will greatly increase the limited soil health of any potted plant.

Starts – Put a handful in the hole before planting and top dress around base of plant.

Potting Mix – Mix 1:1 with your favorite potting mix.

Top Dressing – Around existing plants and trees, top dress and inch thick layer and water liberally.

Compost Tea – Add 1 cup of vermicompost in with your compost tea recipe and see the results!


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Why Buy From Urban Worm:

Urban Worm is the web’s only not-for-profit source of red wigglers, vermicompost, and worm bins. All of the proceeds from your purchase today will go towards funding the good work that happens every day at our 501(c)3 parent company – Urban Adamah.

In early 2010 we took an unused lot on a busy through-way in Berkeley, CA and turned it into a thriving farm and educational space. So far we’ve given away upwards of 16,000 lbs of organic produce to those in the community who could not otherwise afford it and thousands of school children have gotten their hands dirty in our soil as we teach them about sustainable living and where food actually comes from.

In buying today, not only will you be getting a top quality product, but the satisfaction that your money is being put to very good use.